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Argan is Morocco’s gold…the medicine of kings…the pride of its people and today, of scientists. I am sure you have read the articles or seen a TV programme about Argan. All of the papers are talking about it, there are many TV reports and we have seen how Argan treats all sorts of illnesses.

Today, scientists from all over the world – including French, American and Japanese – are passionately interested in Argan’s medicinal powers. Several tests have compared Argan and man-made medicines to show Argan’s effectiveness. These comparison tests and clinical tests support the medicinal and cosmetic powers of this natural treasure. Perhaps you have friends who have had the privilege of having a course of Argan and who have seen their health improve?

But I’m sure you are thinking... My friends are different to me! We don’t have the same health problems and we are not the same age… You’re right to think you have to try a product to see how effective it is! This is why I am inviting you to decide for yourself by trying Argan yourself. This is a risk free trial for you (without any obligation to buy).

Yes, I am offering you the chance to try a course of Argan (for 30 days) without risking a thing! If at the end of the course, you aren’t happy, it won’t cost you a penny!

You can see for yourself if Argan has worked miracles for your cholesterol level, your pain and your memory!

I can guarantee you that from the first day you take it, you will be surprised at your well-being, your general state of health and your digestion, as well as your joints. Accept our RISK FREE trial, as the risk is all ours.

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Take advantage of this exceptional (Risk Free) offer

Send back your personal invitation today. When we receive your reply, we will promptly send your ‘Pure Argan’ treatment.

Whether or not you choose the most expensive treatment (the Extra Strong course) you have the guarantee that the trial is free for 30 days. If you are not convinced of Argan’s therapeutic powers on your health, we will refund your money in full.

The French Cardiology society as well as UNESCO recognise Argan’s powers. Today scientists world-wide have the proof that Argan cares for and strengthens the entire body.

Cholesterol: Argan controls hypertension and dissolves bad cholesterol.

Rheumatism and Osteo-arthritis: Argan is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It also detoxifies the synovial fluid and regenerates cells (essential for fighting against osteo-athritis).

Sexual activity: Argan is a circulation activator for the genital area. Erections return and are stronger.

Slimming: Argan unquestionably stops hunger, reducing the urge to eat (you will effortlessly lose 6lbs a week).

Digestion: Argan works immediately on the digestion. If you are regularly constipated and bloated, you will see relief within 24 hours at most. If you suffer from diarrhoea and stomach pains, the relief will be almost instantaneous (2 hours at most).

Beauty: Argan’s active ingredients spread throughout the body – vitamin E, Omega 3 and 6 and anti-oxidants will go directly to your skin, hair and nails.

Some advice for you! Why do private clinics use the benefits of Argan oil for their rich clients for convalescence or for rejuvenation treatments?

Why is Argan oil an elixir of strength and youth for the King of Morocco and his family?

Read these testimonials, and if one of these cases is like yours, I can guarantee you that in a few days time you will swear by Argan.

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“My father is in an old people’s home and I am amazed at the benefits of Argan oil on his general state of health. I go to see him every week and it’s a joy to see the change: he is stronger, does not complain as much about the pain in his kneesand his morale is a lot better. He is interested in things again and has started to read and draw.

The people who take care of him are very interested to see your product, the director of the old people’s home is going to write to you.”

“I have had circulation problems in my legs since I had my operation.

Your Argan oil treatment has done me a lot of good. Pins and needles and leg pains have disappeared in just a few weeks.

But the nicest surprise for me was that I got back the ability to have an erection which I had lost since my operation. My life has been transformed again. I sometimes feel that I have forgotten my age.

People had talked to me about the effects of Argan oil on the libido and I can today confirm it, it is true! Thank you.”

Louise and Terry, LUTON
“My cholesterol, uric acid and sugar tests were bad.

I was always tired and you could see it in my face, the shadows under my eyes and my lifeless skin.

Your treatment made my test results much better – no more cholesterol and no more sugar… I really am very satisfied and I wanted to write to you and to recommend Argan oil to everyone who always feels tired.

I also wanted to tell you that I have lost a lot of weight, perhaps because my digestive transit improved in the very first days of my treatment. With no diet, I have lost 15lbs in a month and I feel much better.”

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“I have taken the course of treatment for 3 weeksand my cholesterol has dropped spectacularly without constantly dieting or starving myself. It’s absolutely amazing. I really am very satisfied, my test results have reassured me…at my age you are always worried about an accident or brain or cardiac problems.

Another important point for me is that the pins and needles in my legs and the night cramps totally disappeared in the first week of treatment.

I was keen to thank you and to give you a testimonial.”

It’s a real discovery for weight loss. I would lose weight by following diets but I quickly put it back on again.

I followed your advice and I took Argan oil every day for several weeks. I lost 26lb and I am still losing weight (I’ve lost another 18lbs since).

I understand that to lose weight you must not feel hungry and these Argan capsules are an extraordinary way to stop hunger which also gives you energy – it’s fantastic!

Seeing these results, my husband also wanted to try it and he has already lost 11lbs in 2 weeks and I guarantee you that he is not dieting at all.

Jean and Frank G, ST ALBANS
I would never have believed that something taken internally would have such an effect in my skin, hair and nails.

After my operation, my hair was dry and brittle, now it grows 2in in a month. It is soft and can be easily styled. My hands were wrinkled, but now my skin is taut again and my nails have grown and no longer break.

This is wonderful!

This treatment is 100 times more useful and effective for me than any other beauty product.

Louise J. DERBY
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My memory was getting worse every year…but when I decided to visit my son in New Zealand, I wanted to start learning English…I really didn’t have any hope of doing it.

Then I read an article about Argan oil and I decided to order some because of its benefits for the brain. I can swear to the effectiveness of this wonderful product…I was amazed to see that I didn’t have any problem in remembering new words.

People said they’ve never seen such progress at 75 years of age. I also noticed that my head aches have disappeared. Thank you. And well done with your capsules.

Every morning I was worried about getting up because I knew that within an hour my joints would be hurting, in particular the knee where I had an opertion.

My physio advised me to drink a spoonful of Argan oil every morning, but drinking oil in the morning was too much for me – I couldn’t do it. When I discovered your treatment I did not hesitate. 2 capsules = a spoonful of oil, it’s ideal.

In any case, thank you, I can definitely say that your treatment has stopped my joint pains–rheumatism, arthritic pains…it’s fantastic, fast and easy, I still take them, thank you again.


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